Yesterday, on the 16th of December, the Parliament convened for it’s final meeting of the year. After the formalities were handled, the first matter was elections to the Parliament presidium and the SFS-FUM delegation. Sanela Lulic and Sebastian Pfaff were re-elected as Parliament chairperson and Parliament secretary respectively. The Nomination Committee had nominated Viktor Hrannar Jónsson to be a member of the SFS-FUM delegation. He was elected to the position along with Tom Brilioth and Titus Farkas who both candidated at the meeting. In the following by-elections, Vendela Gustafsson was elected as a member of the Corporate Relations Commitee.

The next matter regarded the employer liable, a role held by one of the board members. The Parliament discussed and concluded that the position should be more regulated, and that the board should investigate the matter further. The next matter was the new Policy for Work Environment that was up for approval. However, the Parliament decided that it needed some further polishing and sent it back to the board.

The next regulatory document up for debate was the Guideline for Information Channels. The Parliament decided to establish a new Instagram page for the KERUB Party Committee (6m) as well as a Facebook page for the MYS Party Committee. SNG proposed the addition of a new section to the guideline, regulating the new platform Canvas where they are working on a page for the student council. The Parliament was positive to the idea of a Canvas page, but decided that the section for the guideline needed to be worked through by the board.

Finally, the Parliament set its meeting dates for the upcoming spring semester. The meeting dates will be on the 26th of January, the 23rd of February, The 23 of March, the 19th and 20th of April (elective Parliament meetings) and on the 31st of May. These dates can change up until the meetings are summoned.

The presidium thanks the Parliament for their good work this year, and give a special thanks to the members that were at their final meeting ever. Happy Holidays!