The 3rd Parliament (RK) meeting took place on the 23rd of March. The matters on the agenda were few but important. First, the members of RK were presented a draft of the budget for the next operational year, 2022/23. RK asked some questions and had some feedback, but were generally satisfied with the draft.

Next, RK discussed the operational plan for 2022/23. This was a long discussion with plenty of input, regarding among other things digital education and accessability. While RK was mostly positive to the board’s draft, a new focus matter was added to work with student-teacher relations, in particular teacher availability and office hours.

Lastly, the parliament discussed the union’s answer to the Science Village Consultation Document. For example, the representatives discussed the situation for the students who get left behind on Sölvegatan, and the integration between research and education there. The board will continue to work with the document, and approve of the final version before the deadline.

The next parliament meetings will be the elective meetings on the 19th and 20th of April.