In the second elective parliament meeting on the 20th of April, a bunch of positions were filled. The positions that were not filled will be available for by-elections in the next parliament meeting on the 31st of May. The following elections where made by Parliament:

PositionNumber of available positionsElected candidates
Nomination Committee (Valb) Chairperson1+0Elvira Källberg
Nomination Committee (Valb) Member5+0Alva Tangfelt
Auditor3+3Ida Lunga, Einar Elén
Quartermaster1+0Sofia Bjarheim
Education Committee (UU) Chairperson1+0Margot Knapen
Gender and Equality Committee (JoL) Spokesperson2+0Gertrud Wrange
Health, Environment and Safety Committee (HMS) Chairperson1+0Federica Calafiore
Information Committee (Info) Chairperson1+0
Party Committee (6m) Chairperson1+0Federica Calafiore
Sports Committee (Sports) Chairperson1+0David Linfeldt
Environmental Committee Chairperson 1+0Jaques Atkinson
Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) Member7+0Love Olsson, Vendela Gustafsson, Marwan Mohamed
Information Committee (Info) Member5+0
Party Committee (6m) Member6+0Benjamin van Dijk, Tom Brilioth, Samuel Hjelm, Stina Magndal, Love Olsson, Gertrud Wrange
Sports Committee (Sport) Member5+0Saleh Moradi, Ara Fadhel Hamid, Robin Åström, Titus Farkas
Environmental Committee Member 4+0Sofia Bjarheim, Louise Berild, Enver Lee
Faculty Board2+0Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander, Gloria Kowal Johnson
Faculty Education Board3+3Elvira Källberg, Margot Knapen, Tom Brilioth + Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander
Faculty Library Board1+0
Faculty Nominating Committee1+0
Faculty Academic Appointments Board1+1
Faculty Readership Appointments Board1+0
LINXS Board1+0Sofia Bjarheim
Academic Society (AF) Parliament1+1
Academic Society (AF) Scholarship Board1+1
LUS Ting1+1
LUS Elective Ting2+2
LUS Nomination Committee1+0Elvira Källberg
Backend Administrator1+0Tom Brilioth
Archive Administrator1+0Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander
Internal Network Administrator1+0Einar Elén
Active Member Registry Administrator 1+0Einar Elén