Parliament meeting 5 will take place on Tuesday the 18th of May. You can find all the documents for the meeting if you follow this link. If you want to counter candidate for any position to the meeting, send an email with your counter candidature to before 23:59 on Sunday the 16th of May. To the meeting, the nomination committee has nominated the following persons:

Head of Corporate Relations (1+0): Love Olsson

Education Committee Chairperson (1+0): Marwan Mohamed

Information Committee Chairperson (1+0): Hanna Sjö

Party Committee Member (4+0): Justinas Smertinas

Sports Committee (Sport) Member (4+0): Kanishka Katipearachchi and Patrik Rocco Uggla

LUNA has received the following counter candidacies for the meeting:

Union Board (4+0): Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt

Financial Auditor: (1+1): Theodor Blom

Sports Committee (Sport) Member (4+0): Gaurav Senthil Kumar