The parliament has convened for another meeting! During the meeting, the following people were elected to positions for the upcoming operational year:

Head of Corporate Relations – Love Olsson

Union Board – Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt

Financial Auditor – Theodor Blom

Education Committee Chairperson – Marwan Mohamed

Information Committee Chairperson – Hanna Sjö

Information Committee Member – Love Olsson

Party Committee Member – Justinas Smertinas

Sports Committee Member – Gaurav Senthil Kumar, Patrik Rocco Uggla, Kanishka Katipearachchi 

Apart from conducting elections, the parliament did also decide upon updates in several regulatory documents. The post descriptions were updated, stating that the position of Head of Corporate Relations from now on is a full time positions. Furthermore, updates in the Directive for the Environmental Committee, the Guideline for Graphical Profile, the Policy for Environmental Work, the Opinion Document, the Guideline for Crisis Management, the Union Regulations and the Policy for Economy and Agreements were approved. The meeting ended with discussions regarding the Operational Plan and Budget for 2021/22, as well as a report from this year’s SFS-FUM.