The 7th parliament meeting 2020 will take place on Tuesday the 22nd of September. You can find all the documents for the meeting if you follow the link bellow. If you want to counter candidate for any position to the meeting, send an email with your counter candidature to before Sunday the 20th at 23:59. We will continuously update the web page with the counter candidatures. To the meeting, the nomination committee has nominated the following persons:

Head of corporate relations (1+0) Love Olsson

Board member (1+0) – Serena Dorner

Sports committee member (5+0) – Kuzey Yanartas, Marnus Kleynhans

Environmental committee chairperson (1+0) – Patricija Marijauskaité

Ball master (2+0) – Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander

LUS nomination committee representative (1+0) – Daniel Olla

Academic society parliament (1+1) – Viktor Hrannar Jónsson

Faculty nominating committee (1+0) – Viktor Hrannar Jónsson

Faculty readership appointments committee (1+0) – Elvira Källberg

Furthermore, we have received the following counter candidatures to the meeting:

Academic society scholarship board (1+1) – Elvira Källberg

Information committee member (3+0) – Stina Magndal

Head of corporate relations (1+0) – Titus Farkas

Here you can find all the documents for the parliament meeting: