The 7th Parliament meeting on October 7th was the first physical meeting of the year and the first of the autumn semester. In the first part of the meeting, the parliament approved of some board decisions and held by-elections. The parliament decided to elect Samuel Hjelm as a Nomination Committee member, Alex Kuzmin as a Corporate Relations Committee and Information Committee member, Jenny Spiik as a Sports Committee member, Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander as a Faculty Readership Appointments Board alternate representative, Tom Brilioth as a representative to the AF Scholarship Board and Love Olsson as the LUS Nomination Committee alternate representative.

After a break with some well earned fika, the Parliament listened to the previous operational year’s presidium present the operational report, followed by the review from the operational auditors. After this, the Parliament decided to grant discharge to the previous union board. After this review of the past year, the Parliament looked ahead and was informed of the concretization of the current operational plan, after which some questions and discussion followed. Finally, the Parliament decided that the next parliament meeting will be an elective one immediately followed by a regular Parliament meeting on the 28th of October. In the Elective Parliament meeting, the chairperson and members of the Mentor Committee (FU) will be elected for the next term of office.

Written by Vice President