The parliament convened for two meetings yesterday evening. The first meeting was an elective meeting, were chairperson and members of the mentor committee for the period 1/11-20 – 31/10-21 were elected. The parliament elected Caisa Kjellström as chairperson for the committee and Daniel Olla, Hanna Sjö, Vendela Gustafsson, Victoria Ullbin, Samuel Dawes, Samuel Hjelm, Stina Magndal and Rasmus Eklund as members of the mentor committee.

The second meeting was an ordinary parliament meeting. It began with by-elections. The parliament elected the following people to the following positions:

Victoria Ullbin – ball master

Alex Kuzmin – information committee member

Kuzey Yanartas – sports committee chairperson

David Linfeldt and Elias Östman – sports committee members

Tom Brilioth (ordinary), Victor Hrannar Jónsson (alternate) – LUS elective ting

Einar Elén – Archive administrator and active member registry administrator

Apart from the elections, the board for the operational year 2019/20 was granted discharge. The parliament did also decide upon a parliament patch to order and approved a motion regarding changes in the guidelines for graphical profile.