Parliament meeting 8a and 8b will take place on Wednesday the 14th of October. You can find all the documents for the meeting if you follow the link bellow. If you want to counter candidate for any position to the meeting, send an email with your counter candidature to before Monday the 12th at 23:59. We will continuously update the web page with the counter candidatures. To the meeting, the nomination committee has nominated the following persons:

Mentor committee chairperson (1+0): Caisa Kjellström

Mentor committee member (9+0): Daniel Olla, Vendela Gustafsson, Rasmus Eklund, Samuel Dawes, Victoria Ullbin, Hanna Sjö, Stina Magndal, Samuel Hjelm

Ball master (1+0): Victoria Ullbin

Information committee member (2+0): Alex Kuzmin

Sports committee chairperson (1+0): Kuzey Yanartas

Sports committee member (3+0): David Linfeldt, Elias Östman

LUS elective ting (2+2): Tom Brilioth

Counter candidatures:
LUS Elective Ting (2+2): Viktor Hrannar Jónsson – alternate

Active member registry administrator (1+0): Einar Elén

Archive administrator (1+0): Einar Elén

Here you can find all the documents for the parliament meetings: