The Science student Union presented the winners of this and last year’s prizes at the weekend’s digital graduation ceremony. The pedagogical and honorary prize is handed out to thank and honor some of those that does great things for the students inside or outside the scheduled hours. 


Pedagogical Prize – Charlotte Sparrenbom

The Science Student Union’s pedagogical prize 2020 goes to Charlotte Sparrenbom from the department of Geology with the following motivation:

Charlotte is an excellent teacher, who is highly appreciated by the students. Her way of teaching combines interesting and pedagogical lectures with practical learning moments, which gives the students an in-depth knowledge about her subjects. Furthermore, Charlotte genuinely cares about her students. She is eager to listen to their opinions, and change her courses according to them. She always asks how the students are and if they need any help. On top of this, Charlotte has divided all her courses into short course modules, in order to make them less stressful for the students to pass. Charlotte’s way to care for the students has been extra helpful for the students during the pandemic, when it sometimes has been hard to handle the studies. Furthermore, the students feel that it is easy to get in contact with Charlotte, and that she takes her time to give them the help they ask for. Charlotte’s dedication to give all students the best teaching possible makes her a well worthy winner of the pedagogical prize.

Pedagogical Prize – Sophie Manner

The Science Student Union’s honorary prize 2020 goes to Sophie Manner from the department of chemistry with the following motivation:

Sophie is the director of studies at the chemistry department, and in this role, she makes sure to always do the best for the students. Sophie is always there to help the students with any problems they might have. She takes the time to listen to the students and make them feel better in all situations. Furthermore, Sophie genuinely cares about the students’ well being and encourages them to help each other out in their studies. It is also important for Sophie that the students know about their rights, and she makes sure to inform the students about them during the curse introductions. She is also clear with that the students can turn to her if the students’ rights are not met. During the covid-19 pandemic, Sophie has done a tremendous work with keeping the students up to date with what happens, even when there has not been much new information. The fact that Sophie always is there for the students makes her to a well worthy receiver of the honorary prize.


Pedagogical Prize – Tina D’Hertefeldt

The Science Student Union’s pedagogical prize 2021 goes to Tina D’Hertefeldt from the department of biology with the following motivation:

Tina is a highly appreciated teacher, who works in a creative way to find learning methods that suits the students. This has been extra important during the covid-19 pandemic, when teaching as normal has not been an alternative. In her teaching, Tina shows a great understanding for the students process of learning. She has the ability to explain complicated matters in a way which makes it easy for the students to understand Furthermore, the students values the fact that it is easy to get in contact with Tina, and that she takes her time to talk to her students about big and small issues. Tina’s enthusiasm for making sure that the students understand her subject and the importance of it makes her into a well worthy receiver of the pedagogical prize.

Honorary Prize – Yvonne Persson

The Science Student Union’s honorary prize 2021 goes to Yvonne Person from the Centre for Environment and Climate Science (CEC) with the following motivation:

Yvonne is both the Director of Studies and the Student Councillor at CEC. In these roles, she is always there to help the students with all problems that might arise. Furthermore, Yvonne values the student influence at the Centre for Environment and Climate Science, and is a huge support to the student council for environmental scientist (MYS). She organizes lunches for the active members of the student council, in order to get a good connection with the student council and to discuss the students visions for their education. Yvonne is also helpful when MYS organises events such as alumni nights and master nights. Additionally, Yvonne encourages the students to become student representatives and to raise their voices at meetings. Yvonne’s eagerness to work for more student influence within CEC makes her to a well worthy receiver of the honorary prize.

LUNA would like to thank all four for their fantastic work for the students! The union board would like to thank all students who sent in great nominations!