The 6th Parliament (RK) meeting was an informational one with no decision points. The presidium presented how they had conretisised the operational plan of 22/23 together with the board.

The 7th Parliament meeting was a longer one wih by-elections where quite a few people were elected for different positions. The following positions were filled:

Number of positions
Elected candidates
Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) Member7+0Axel Hulthén Sagert, Saleh Morardi, Ștefan Crețu
Faculty Education Board 3+3Daniel Olla
Faculty Nomination Committee1+0Daniel Olla
LUS Elective Ting Representatives1+1Gloria Kowal Johnson
Information Committee (Info) Member5+0Haroon Rifat 
Information committee (Info) Member5+0Igor Sokolovic
 Nomination Nommittee (Valb) Member5+0Felix Mortensen
Environmental Committee Member 4+0Amanda Johansson
Faculty Board Representative (alternate)2+0Honia Rasul
 Gender and Equality Committee Chairperson1+0Elsa von Corswant