The board has tonight convened and discussed the new covid-19 regulations. After the discussions, we decided to do some changes in the current operation of the union. We are very sorry about this and hope that we soon can go back to more normal again, but currently, we have to stay safe and follow the regulations. The following changes will be done:

  • All physical events will be cancelled until further directions are given by the government or region. We do however appreciate if the union can organise fun digital events. The board will do their best and encourage you to give us any ideas you might have! 
  • We recommend that meetings are held digitally. However, if all members of a committee are comfortable with having physical meetings and meet each other often, then the meetings can be held physically. This is not the case for the student councils since their meetings are open for everyone. This applies until further directions are given by the government or the region.
  • The office hours will be closed until further directives are given by the government or the region. However, you can reach the presidium through email and book a meeting with us if you want to discuss something. It might be hard to reach the presidium via phone. If we don’t answer, send an email instead.
  • The bookings of the couch room at the union will be closed and the room will primarily be used by the presidium. However, it will be open for people to use the microwave, but no more than 4 persons should be in the room at the same time.

We are all really sad that we have to take actions like this! Hopefully things will get better soon. Take care of each other until then, and remember that you always can contact the union if you face any problems with anything regarding your time at the university! We will help you as well as we can!

Written by President