Due to the recent events, LUNA had to quickly come up with a solution to the organisational crisis that followed. The parliament meeting Wednesday June 14th and the board meeting Thursday June 15th had to decide on several aspects. The presidium conferred with both the union auditors and the inspector on how to handle the matter.

The parliament meeting decided to approve the proposition as proposed by the union presidium listed. The union board carried out the tasks as delegated by the parliament the following day and current presidium is continuing to work along the decisions by parliament and the union board.

The president and vice president of 2016/17 has gotten extended remuneration contracts on 50 % each from July 1st through August 31st and will remain signatories during that period. Vice president elect Theodor Blom will start his work on 100 % July 1st as planned, but also temporarily step up as president from July 1st according to §8.5 in the union statutes.

That the tasks of the constitutive board meeting as described in §7.6.2 in the union statutes, is delegated to the current union board so that contracts can be struck in a timely manner,

that one of the contracts for full-timers is intended for one in the current presidium and valid until further notice so that the work throughout the summer, up until the next parliament meeting can be carried out,

that the decision of parliament to appoint the positions president and vice president respectively is revoked to allow a redistribution of work tasks if a candidate to the vacancy would be located,

that the position as a member of the presidium is announced open for nomination, and

that a person is to be elected to fill the vacancy in the presidium at the first parliament meeting ht17 or at an extraordinary parliament meeting according to §6.10 in the union statutes, before that.