The Nomination committee hereby announce the vacant positions of Lunds naturvetarkår.
We are now accepting applications for the Mentor Committee as well as all vacant positions to be elected on the seventh parliament meeting on Tuesday the 22nd of October. Application closes Tuesday the 8th of October.

Some of the vacancies are:

Mentor Committee (FU) Chairperson (1,0)

The Mentor committee is responsible for the planning, execution, and evaluation of the welcome activities for new students at the faculty (novisch period) which is done with the help of elected mentors. The chairperson is responsible for making sure that the committee is following the directives set by the parliament and is also responsible for the budget of the novisch period. The chairperson is tasked with setting agendas for, and summoning to all meetings held by the committee and works in close contact with the presidium during the novisch period.

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Mentor committee (FU) Member (8,0)

Members of the mentor committee are tasked with planning, execution, and evaluation of welcome activities for new students at the faculty. This is done by, together with the chairperson, electing mentors for the autumn novisch period and making sure that a novisch period is executed as well as arranging a proper thank you event for the mentors after the novisch period is done. Each members will have certain areas of responsibility during the novisch period. Some of these include but are not limited to: Contact person, mentor generals Sr; and Jr, and Safety responsible.

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Read more about all the vacant positions and apply at

The Nomination Committee of Lunds naturvetarkår 2019/20