The Nomination committee hereby announce the vacant positions of Lunds naturvetarkår.
We are now accepting applications for as well as all vacant positions to be elected on the ninth parliament meeting on Monday the 9th of December. Application closes Monday the 25th of November.

Some of the vacancies are:

Tandem General (3,0)

The Tandem Generals are responsible for organising the LUNA participation in the annual ‘Tandem Staffetten’ taking place in May. Tandem stafetten is a relay-race from Gothenburg to Lund where teams from all over Lund travel by buss to Gothenburg to later bike tandem bicycles down to Lund. The responsibility of the Tandem Generals include but is not limited to ensuring the LUNA-team follows all the rules set up by the organisers, bookings of buses and making sure the participants have the best possible time during the entire relay-race. The Tandem Generals are ultimately responsible during the race and have to stay sober the whole event.

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Jubileemaster (2,0)

As a union Jubileemaster, you are responsible for planning and carrying out the 25 year jubilee celebrations of LUNA! The jubileemasters would be free to expand the project group to the amount of people needed. The jubilee celebration will be carried out in the fall of 2020 and the planning should be done in the spring of 2020.

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LUS Nomination Committee (1,1)

As a representative from Lunds naturvetarkår (LUNA) in the Lund University Student Unions Nomination Committee you represent the opinions of The Science Student Union in nominations for Lund University Student Unions positions for the upcoming operational year. The nominations are later presented for Elective Ting.
Knowledge of Swedish is required for this post.

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Parliament Presidium (2,2)

As a part of the Parliament Presidium you work in a pair of chairperson and secretary to lead the parliament meetings taking place roughtly once a month. The Parliament is the highest deciding body of The Science Student Union and is where all major decisions are made. As part of the Parliament presidium you are expected to be familiar with the statutes and have experience with meeting formalia.

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Read more about all the vacant positions and apply at

The Nomination Committee of Lunds naturvetarkår 2019/20