At the faculty’s graduation ceremony in the university building on June 5th the Science Student Union awarded Åke Lindström with the pedagogical prize and Ricardo Guillén with the honorary prize. See the motivations below. Congratulations!

åke pedagogiska

Åke Lindström, Professor in Biodiversity, Dept. of Biology

For being an extraordinary and inspiring lecturer as well as the course coordinator for the Nature Conservation course at the department of Biology, the Pedagogical prize of 2016 is awarded to professor Åke Lindström. The Nature Conservation course is said to be one of the most beloved courses at the Department of Biology, and much of it can be attributed to Åke who with great passion and enthusiasm coordinates the course. Åke has been a great source of inspiration to many students throughout their education by encouraging them to get interested and aware of the surrounding environment.

Åke also sees the value in discussions and the effects it haves on the student’s learning. He always have an interesting question in his back pocket, ready to start reflections and promote a student based learning climate. All students should be able to take part of the pedagogical qualities that Åke personify, and therefore he is well worthy the Pedagogical prize.


ricardo hederspris

Ricardo Guillén, IT technician at the Dept. of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Ricardo consistently provides IT support to all students and staff. He usually responds to emails and personally comes to assist you within an hour. Many students have not noticed that he actually works only three days a week at the department because his responses are so timely.

Ricardo has been particularly supportive of the work of SNG (Studierådet för naturgeografer och geologer). For example he has assisted with the development of the department student guide and its distribution over the webpages. Furthermore he helped promote the SNG alumni pages and the development of a mailing list of work and phd opportunities for students. Through his work he has contributed to reducing the gap between studying and industry placement. Ricardo is always friendly and very approachable. Staff depends on him to advertise news in the department on the webpage and department facebook page. The facebook page is especially important for increasing student awareness of department activities. Moreover, Ricardo has helped and promoted SNG by giving SNG its own computer account with free printing for posters and other documents.

Ricardo is essential for the smooth running of the department of Physical Geography and ecosystem analysis.