The board had its 8th meeting this Thursday and all members gathered to discuss some important matters. The Chairperson of the Health, Environment and Safety Committee (HMS) was there to present the result of the survey ”Are you okay?”. This was followed by some input from the board members on how the committee can present the survey. The Board held a first discussion on what to do during the spring’s Hällsningsgillet for new students at the university and the board’s event working group will ensure that LUNA has a fun and informative presents. The board also held two discussions on matters lying further into the future, a possible common sign-up system for all of Studentlund and a possible change in local situation. 

The board is also doing the final touches on an event for the Music Aid (sv: Musikhjälpen). Next Thursday you can find board members outside of the astronomy building all afternoon selling science gingerbread cookies with the full income going to the charity!