~ Interviews with students of LUNA ~

It is time to reveal one of the bigger interviews we made during 2016; with the mentor generals of LUNA. Full transcript of the 20 minute long interview is available in Swedish here.

The Mentor Committee (FU) is one of the committees of Science Student Union. They are responsible for the novisch period at the start of every new term. The Information Committee had the opportunity to get an interview with the generals of the FU, Johanna Jangefelt Frising och Eric ”Herrgårn” Andersson, after one of their committee meetings. The newly elected general, John Wimarsson, was also present to give his thoughts on the upcoming tasks. John and Eric are astrophysicists, and Johanna is studying general physics.

How was the novisch period of 2016?

Herrgårn “Really good. People were hyped, and a lot of fun novisches. The general mood was really nice.”

Did you feel like you had a lot to do during the period?

John “Moderately, I did not know what to expect. It was my first big novisch period. So it takes a while to get used to it, but it went well. I got good coaching.”

Johanna “Yeah, it is a lot to do, but mostly fun things, so it is okay.”

Do you feel pressured when you are a general?

Herrgårn “I would say a little.”

Johanna “You are a little stressed, but at the same time you know that you have an entire committee helping you. You put your trust to them to 100%.”

Johanna and Herrgårn have been generals during 2016, and Herrgårn has now left the seat for John, who has been elected. Normally you are elected general for a year, being Junior the first semester, and Senior the second semester.

Do you feel like you know what it is like to be a general now?

Johanna “I think so, yes. We had a new situation when we were elected because we were both new.”

Herrgårn “I got to be Junior for like one meeting. But I think it went well. Since you have the whole committee as a general, you are never alone.”

Johanna nods in agreement.

What does a general do that the others in the committee do not?

Johanna “The general is the face out to the novisches. So when the novisches are given information, it is through the generals. They are standing in front and talking during the activities, and that makes them a familiar face for the new student.”

Herrgårn “In some sense, they are also the source of energy. The ones who get the hype going.”

John “I can not really speak from experience after being a general, but after have seen generals ”in action” I have gotten my perspective on the generals. It is always the generals you remember from the novisch period. There are many new faces when you begin your student life, but the generals are at least familiar from the start.”

(To John) How does it feel like to be the next general?

John “It feels great, I am looking forward to it. You know you have a standard to live up to, but at the same time you have this great cooperation between everyone in the MC. I also know that I can ask the older generals for advice, if something would go wrong. That feels really good.”

Is there something else you would like to say to the members of LUNA?

All “Become a mentor!”

John “It is really fun, and you get to meet a lot of different people…”

Johanna “…and not just from your own study council, but from all different kinds of study councils that you otherwise might not have had the chance to meet.”

Herrgårn “It is when you start as a mentor you get into the union life. The first time you are in the novisch period, you only scratch the surface. When you are a mentor, you really get to do everything.”

Interview made 2016-12-12 by Sebastian Wolsing. A full transcript of the 20 minute long interview is available in Swedish here.

You can contact the Information Committee at info@luna.lu.se and the Mentor Committee chairperson at fu-ordf@luna.lu.se. You can reach the current mentor generals at fg@luna.lu.se. If you want to find out more about life as an active member of the union, you are always welcome to stop by the union office or simply browse our webpage. You can contact the union via this form (you can be anonymous) or by e-mail at luna@luna.lu.se.

~ Interview brought to you by the Information Committee ~