Welcome new students of LUNA!

Make sure to start your time at university in the best way possible – join the LUNA Novisch Period 2017.

From today and for the upcoming weeks, you as a new student, or ‘novisch’, are welcome to participate in some introductory fun. Learn more about the university, the faculty and your student union, find new friends, and have loads of fun of course!

The Novisch Period this year is a thrilling adventure of courage and wits to save ourselves from the apocalypse brought on by the Mentor Committee (FU). Join your team according to your subject of study and convince the world that your solution is the way to go.

Events included are games, university and city tours, dinners, game nights, parties, and so much more. For some activities you need to be a member of Studentlund and over 18 years old. You can find a list of all events in the Novisch booklet or on Facebook.

You can contact the Mentor Generals in charge of the Novisch Period for more information. Information on whatever you may need is also found in the booklet. And as always, feel free to contact the union via e-mail, call us at 046-222 03 18, or simply stop by the office.

Make sure to keep updated with the union by liking us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and be sure to read the newspaper Zenit next time you visit a bathroom in the faculty buildings.