On the 26th of January, the newly elected Parliament (RK) convened for its first meeting. Due to the covid situation, the meeting had to take place on Zoom, but everyone adapted and the meeting went well. After the regular formalities, the first matter was a thorough half-time report from the union board, informing RK on the progress with the operataional plan and the budget. The union presidium went through the operational plan and described what has been done and what is being planned. Mostly, the work is progressing well, but the conditions for certain matters have changed and some have been down-prioritized. With that in mind, the board informed the parliament of the risk that certain points in the operational plan will not be completed this semester.

The union finances were also discussed in the meeting. The financial situation is quite good, with the income expected to be as high as budgeted for. There is currently no indication that any expenses will be significantly larger than budgeted for.

After a short break, the next matter was the approval of the Policy for Work Environment. The working group for regulatory documents had kept updating the policy using the feedback from the previous RK meeting. The RK representatives were content with these updates, and the policy was approved. The new policy can now be found on this webpage along with our other regulatory documents.

Finally, the members of RK discussed the planned trip to the SFS jubilee ball for the board and the SFS delegation. The parliament agreed that it was reasonable to consider the event work related, and that the union could fund the travel costs to and from Stockholm for the union representatives using relevant budget posts.

The next RK meeting will take place 23rd of February, hopefully in person with lots of fika.