The last parliament meeting for this operational year took place last Wednesday. One of the many documents that was approved was a new Guideline for Information Channels, which among other things, includes that the presidium should post a summary of all board and parliament meetings on the website. This will therefore be the first of many such summaries.

After much discussion, the parliament decided that the Science Student Union will not take over some parts of the activities that has been managed by the department of physics during the culture night.  

The content of the new Songbook, that has been discussed at three parliament meetings, was finally approved. The Songbooks will soon be ordered and will be available after the summer. 

Two of the union’s committees has been missing logos. The parliament approved logos for the Health, Environment and Safety Committee and the Nomination Committee that can soon be found in the Guideline for the Graphical Profile among the regulatory documents

A minor update of the regulations (removing a no longer relevant position) and Guideline for Crisis Management was approved as well as Directives for the Union Networks, the Guideline for Student Issue Management and the above mentioned Guideline for Information Channels. All will be uploaded at the page for regulatory documents as soon as the changes made by the parliament are done. 

The parliament was informed about the new Student Complaint Webpage that the board has created during the year. The parliament gave some great feedback that will soon be implemented. 

Last, but absolutely not least, the parliament approved the Operational Plan and Budget for the next operational year. These can soon be found on the regulatory document page