Welcome to the Faculty of Science at Lund University. We are your student union, LUNA, that through over one hundred volunteering students works to ensure that your time in Lund will provide you with a high quality education and a great time.

What do we do?

Representation and student rights

We represent you and protect your rights. In accordance with Swedish law, every decision making and preparatory body at the university, faculty, and every department, has student representatives. These are elected and organised by the union and work to bring forth the students’ opinions. This means that wherever the important decisions are made, we are there to ensure that the university listens to its students and does not violate your rights.

Corporate relations

We improve corporate relations. LUNA works to improve the connection between your studies and the labour market. We do so by working both locally to improve integration of corporate aspects in your studies and hosting the annual career fair called ATLAS.

Social gatherings

We arrange a variety of social activities. The Party Committee regularly arranges so-called ‘sittnings’  and other social gatherings for our students, our Gender and Equality Committee regularly arranges discussion evenings on different topics, our Mentor Committee arranges events to introduce new students (novisches) to the student life, the Sport Committee does, well, sports, and we host an annual formal ball, UTOPIA.

Student support

We are here to help you. If you run into trouble of any kind during your studies or if you are unsure about anything, contact LUNA. You can send us an e-mail, use the anonymous form on our contact page, or visit us during our office hours.

Depending on what field you study primarily, you are part of one of the six student councils. The events and meetings arranged by your student council is a great way to meet new and interesting people. The student councils are your representatives at each department.

Stay up to date with events arranged by the union through the Zenit newspaper which you will find on most of the toilets at the faculty and online. In addition to Zenit, you can follow our Facebook page and browse here on our webpage.

Finally, make sure to become a member of Studentlund so you can take part in the various student activities arranged by the student organisations of Lund and receive your student discounts. It is mandatory for participating in the events arranged by the unions and nations that are part of Studentlund to be a member of Studentlund. You can find more information about what is important as a new student in our novisch guide.

We hope you have a good time here in Lund and look forward to meeting you.