Nominations for parliament meeting 9

The nomination committee hereby announces its nominations for parliament meeting 9: Representative in SFS parliament (SFS-FUM) Honia Rasul Tom Brilioth Faculty Education Board Alternate Representative Tyr Häggström If you wish to counter candidate to any vacant position in the union, you can send an email to or visit the parliament meeting on the 10th of November […]

Announcement of positions in the parliament presidium 2023

Have you always dreamt of leading meetings? Do you like to write minutes? Are you a fan meeting protocol and good fika? LUNA is currently looking for a meeting presidium for our parliament for the fiscal year of 2023. The meeting presidium leads and writes the minutes for the parliament meetings, which are the meetings […]

Announcement of positions in the SFS-FUM delegation 2023

LUNA is looking for three representatives in this year’s SFS-delegation! Do you want to be a part of leading the work with raising the students’ voice on a national level? In that case, apply to be a representative in this year’s SFS-delegation! SFS is the collected voice of students and it pursues issues that students […]

Nomination for parliament meeting 8

The nomination committee hereby announces its nominations for parliament meeting 8. Mentor committee chairperson – Marwan Mohamed Due to problems with reaching quorum, the nomination committee has not conducted any interviews for mentor committee member. However, the following people have candidated for a position as mentor committee member: Minoo Gandomi Love Olsson Nils Björkbäck Nora […]

RK 6 and 7

The 6th Parliament (RK) meeting was an informational one with no decision points. The presidium presented how they had conretisised the operational plan of 22/23 together with the board. The 7th Parliament meeting was a longer one wih by-elections where quite a few people were elected for different positions. The following positions were filled: Position […]

Board meeting 2 and 3

In the second board meeting of this operational year, the student chaplain Pelle joined and introduced himself and his roll as LUNAs union friend. There was a discussion regarding questions that all the unions in Lund will be able to ask the vice chancellor during a lunch in october, and what questions the union think […]

Announcement of positions in the mentor committee

LUNA announces one position as mentor committee chairperson and nine positions as members of the mentor committee! Do you want to be part of arranging the novisch period 2023? Do you want to be part of assembling an amazing team of mentors? Do you want to bike around Lund in a fancy tailcoat? In that […]