Navid Modiri – Lilla mångfaldsskolan October 3rd

The Gender equality and equal treatment committee of LUNA (JoL) has created an event together with TLTH and MF, inviting the Swedish artist and activist Navid Modiri to talk about diversity, integration and what is reasonable to say to people from other countries. This is highly recommended for anyone, not only people who are interested […]

Student opinions DO matter

Feature on student opinions by the president of LUNA. How many times have you not heard someone complain over lunch? It might be about your last exam not being handed back out on time, or that Ladok result that is still missing. Maybe there are never any vacant group rooms available or simply too few practical elements […]

Introduction Day

The new students have arrived, a warm welcome to all of you! Today was the introduction day, and so the start of the novisch period we have all been waiting for. Hundreds of nervous novisches got to meet their new classmates, as well as their mentors. This year’s theme of the period is “The Treasure Quest”, […]

Welcome to LUNA

A warm welcome to all of you new students at the Faculty of science. Congratulations for being accepted to Lund university. This is LUNA, the science student union. We are here to help you with whatever you may need during your time here in Lund. As a student union we monitor your education, voice your […]

Winners of the pedagogical prize and honorary prize

At the faculty’s graduation ceremony in the university building on June 5th the Science Student Union awarded Åke Lindström with the pedagogical prize and Ricardo Guillén with the honorary prize. See the motivations below. Congratulations! Åke Lindström, Professor in Biodiversity, Dept. of Biology For being an extraordinary and inspiring lecturer as well as the course […]

LUNA pedagogical and honorary prize

It is time to nominate to the pedagogical and honorary prize! The pedagogical prize is given to an outstanding lecturer. The lecturer should understand that different students learn differently, be there for their students, make the students enthusiastic to the subject and take into account the students opinions about the course. The LUNA Pedagogical Prize […]

Documents to the elective parliament meeting (2016-04-27)

Dear members of the science student union, Here you find the documents to the elective parliament meeting (val-RK) (2016-04-27). If you have any questions send them to the president Julia Weber on [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Agenda_RK4.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”] [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Att_1_Minutes RK3.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”] [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Att_2a_Nominations_nomination_committee.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”] [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Att_2b_Nominations_mentor_committee.pdf” […]

Are you okay? – A student health survey

LUNA’s Environment, Health and Safety Committee would like to investigate the psychosocial health of the science students. The survey takes only 5 minutes and it is really appreciated if as many science students as possible fill it out. All answers are anonymous. By filling out the survey you help us to help you to get […]

The nominations to the elective-RK for the academic year of 16/17 are official

Dear union members, The nomination committee have now decided upon the nominations to the elective parliament meeting for the academic year of 16/17 according to the minutes published below. The elective parliament meeting is on April 27th at 17:00. [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Nomination committee minutes 160413.pdf” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”] The adjusted minutes can be seen at the union […]