Parliament Meeting 5 – 2021-05-18

The parliament has convened for another meeting! During the meeting, the following people were elected to positions for the upcoming operational year: Head of Corporate Relations – Love Olsson Union Board – Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt Financial Auditor – Theodor Blom Education Committee Chairperson – Marwan Mohamed Information Committee Chairperson – Hanna Sjö Information Committee Member […]

Parliament Meeting 5 – 18th of May

Parliament meeting 5 will take place on Tuesday the 18th of May. You can find all the documents for the meeting if you follow this link. If you want to counter candidate for any position to the meeting, send an email with your counter candidature to before 23:59 on Sunday the 16th of May. To the […]

Board Meeting 18 – 2021-05-10

The board has met for another board meeting. During this meeting, the operational plan and budget for next year were discussed. The board did also approve upon the documents for parliament meeting five, as well as of three applications to the project fund. The union will buy a party tent, two student hats and a […]

Board Meeting 17 – 2021-04-28

Yesterday, the board convened for another board meeting. During this meeting, the board appointed this year’s winners of the unions honorary and pedagogical prizes, as well as a student speaker to the faculty’s graduation ceremony. The board approved two applications to the union project fund, and decided to order more lab coats. Furthermore, the board […]

Parliament Meeting 4 – 2021-04-27

This Tuesday, the parliament convened for another meeting. During the meeting, the parliament appointed Per-Olof (PO) Zetterberg as honorary member of LUNA! The parliament did also decide upon updates in the Directive for the Sports Committee, and discussed changes in the Directive for the Environmental Committee, the Guideline for Graphical Profile, the Policy for Economy […]

Parliament meeting 3b – 2021-04-20

Today, the parliament gathered for another elective meeting. During the meeting, the following persons were elected: Nomination committee member – Ida Bonnevier Wallstedt Operational auditors – Ida Lunga and Einar Elén Union Inspector – Sophie Manner Quartermaster – Viktor Hrannar Jónsson Backend Administrator – Einar Elén Archive administrator – Viktor Hrannar Jónsson Active Member Registry […]

Board meeting 16 – 2021-04-15

The board had its sixteenth meeting yesterday. During the meeting, the board prepared several documents for the upcoming parliament meetings. There were discussions regarding the Policy for Environmental Work, the Directive for the Sports Committee, the union Regulations and the Policy for Economy and Agreements. Furthermore, the board decided upon an agreement between LUNA and […]

Elective parliament meeting 3a – 2021-04-13

Yesterday, the parliament convened for its first elective parliament meeting this spring. The parliament decided to elect Tindra Weichselbraun Alvander as president and Tom Brilioth as vice president of the union during the operational year of 2021/22. The parliament did also elect Tanvir Sayed as union board member for the upcoming operational year. Furthermore, the […]