Nadir XIII

JoL-Afton – What can we do? What LUNA can learn from others – an interesting discussion night. It is December the 6th and the Gender and Equality committee hosts a JoL-afton in Lundmarkssalen. It does not, if you might think so, have anything with christmas to do. Instead, it is a discussion night open for everyone, were […]

Musikhjälpen 2017

Musikhjälpen is an annual event arranged to gather funds for a charity project. This year the theme is ‘Children are not for sale’ and the money donated will go towards fighting child trafficking. LUNA has started a so-called ‘bössa‘ which you can donate through. Let us do our best to help this cause!  

Nadir XII

A visit to a Health, Environment, and Safety Committee meeting “It is quarter past, so I think we should start!” The health, environment and safety committee has gathered in the sofas inside the union office and the chairperson Leo is eager to start the meeting. After he has taken the role as secretary upon himself, […]

Nadir XI

LUNA Halloween – A Unique Sitting Lophtet is filled with people. They are everywhere, even though they do not look exactly like people. Among other things there are angels, pumpkins, a piece of sushi and a lot of vampires. The reason to why people in this quite odd mixture of costumes have gathered is that […]

Nadir X

Friday at the office The top of the Astronomy tower shines in the autumn sun, a lovely Friday that bodes well for the upcoming weekend. At the base of the tower lies what one might call the heart of the natural science studies in Lund; the Science Student Union, LUNA. Well, that and the actual […]

See how much fun we are having!

The Novisch Period is going strong! On the union Facebook page you can check out pictures from the introduction week. More will be added over time. Make sure to follow the official Novisch Period Facebook page to keep up with all events, quests, and information. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate […]

Novisch 2017

Welcome new students of LUNA! Make sure to start your time at university in the best way possible – join the LUNA Novisch Period 2017. From today and for the upcoming weeks, you as a new student, or ‘novisch’, are welcome to participate in some introductory fun. Learn more about the university, the faculty and […]

President 2017/18

Tonight the union parliament elected a president for LUNA 2017/18. Welcome Einar Elén. Einar has previously been chairperson of the physics student council GLuFS and spokesperson for the Gender and Equality Committee. With such a sound experience within LUNA, there is no doubt he will do a great job in the year ahead. The fulltimers for […]


~ Interviews with students of LUNA ~ It is time for a very special text from the Information Committee’s research project Nadir. We infiltrated one of the Mentor Committee (FU) meetings and made some observations. This transcript is highly classified material, which is now leaked to all members of LUNA. We give you ‘Observations from a Mentor […]


~ Interviews with students of LUNA ~ It is soon time for a long summer break, and for some of you maybe summer jobs are waiting. We managed to get an interview with Elin Backström, a member of the Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) of LUNA. Here follows a brief text about what they do and […]