Nadir XX

LUNA – a visionary future Universum was filled with active LUNA with big dreams for the union, and their ideas were many. The board hosted a Vision Workshop for all LUNA members, with the aim to gather ideas for future union work and to see what the members find important. The interest for this was […]


A sporty Skvalborg celebration! It is Skvalborg 2018, the sun is shining and Borgarparken is filled with LUNA members. They sit down together, they talk to each other and they enjoy the beautiful weather. But even though there is a nice, friendly atmosphere, it is possible to feel the upcoming competition.  It is time for […]

Nadir XVII

What should I choose? The spring has come, and with that is it also time to decide which courses you should take during the upcoming fall. The 16th of April is the last day to apply, and since there are lots of courses to choose from, it might not be the easiest thing to do. […]

Nadir XVI: A wonderful night at UTOPIA

Finally it was time, time to enter AF-borgen for a glorious ball. The hype before was real; the tickets sold  out in just a few minutes and the ball committee kept up their admirable work for months to prepare everything. And suddenly, the big day had come, the day at UTOPIA. Snow fell from the […]

Nadir XV

LUNA sweatshirts and union whales! Have you seen strange people in LUNA sweatshirts hanging around at your student council fika during the past week? Maybe accompanied by a paperwhale on a stick? That is the sign on that the union election is getting closer. On the 17th and 19th of April is it time to […]

Nadir XIV

Finally – UTOPIA ticket release A new year has come, and with that is it also time for new exciting events within the union. One of the biggest, and probably most spectacular of them all is Utopia, the science unions own annual ball. The tickets to the ball will be released to all LUNA members […]

Nadir XIII

JoL-Afton – What can we do? What LUNA can learn from others – an interesting discussion night. It is December the 6th and the Gender and Equality committee hosts a JoL-afton in Lundmarkssalen. It does not, if you might think so, have anything with christmas to do. Instead, it is a discussion night open for everyone, were […]

Nadir XII

A visit to a Health, Environment, and Safety Committee meeting “It is quarter past, so I think we should start!” The health, environment and safety committee has gathered in the sofas inside the union office and the chairperson Leo is eager to start the meeting. After he has taken the role as secretary upon himself, […]

Nadir XI

LUNA Halloween – A Unique Sitting Lophtet is filled with people. They are everywhere, even though they do not look exactly like people. Among other things there are angels, pumpkins, a piece of sushi and a lot of vampires. The reason to why people in this quite odd mixture of costumes have gathered is that […]