LUNA office closed on Friday

The LUNA office hours will be closed Friday the 27th. As always, you can reach us via email: Or via for student complaints.

Board Meeting 17

The board had its 17th meeting on the 11th of May. In this meeting, the board discussed the operational plan and the budget for the upcoming operational year. Both drafts are considered finished and will be sent to RK for approval on the 31st of May. Secondly, the board started planning the handover for the […]

Board Meeting 16

The board convened for its 16th meeting on the 28th of April. First, the board discussed an issue with student representation at the faculty together with the auditors, and how to proceed with the situation. Next, the board discussed last weekend’s Utopia ball, and concluded it went well. The first decision of the night was […]

Parliament meeting 4b

In the second elective parliament meeting on the 20th of April, a bunch of positions were filled. The positions that were not filled will be available for by-elections in the next parliament meeting on the 31st of May. The following elections where made by Parliament: Position Number of available positions Elected candidates Nomination Committee (Valb) […]

Parliament meeting 4a

On the 19th of April, the first of two elective parliament meetings was held. This meeting dealt with the elections of the Presidium, the Head of Corporate Relations (HCR) and the Board. The following elections were made by parliament: Presidium – Gloria Kowal Johnson (president) and Honia Rasul (vice president) Board members – Alva Tangfelt, […]

Board Meeting 15

In yesterday’s board meeting, the board started by approving two applications to the union funds. First, it was decided to buy three more traditional student hats using the Office Inventory Fund that can be used by marshals during Utopia, the graduation ceremonies and more. Secondly, the board approved SNG:s application to the Special Initative Fund […]

Nominations for the elections 2022

The Nomination Committee has now published their nominations for the upcoming elections. Now the period to send in counter candidatures is open, which is done by sending an email with information about what position you are candidating for and a motivation, to Send in counter candidatures on the 11th of April at the latest. […]

Board Meeting 14

Yesterday, the board convened for its 14th meeting. The first matter regarded the work with the future masters programs in computational science and applied computational science. The board reviewed a report from the student representative in the internal working group at the Faculty, and discussed how we think the work is going. Then, the board […]

Parliament Meeting 3

The 3rd Parliament (RK) meeting took place on the 23rd of March. The matters on the agenda were few but important. First, the members of RK were presented a draft of the budget for the next operational year, 2022/23. RK asked some questions and had some feedback, but were generally satisfied with the draft. Next, […]

Board Meeting 13

On the 14th of March, or π day, the board of 2021/22 held its 13th meeting. After some lengthy reports, the first matter on the agenda was the budget for the next operational year. The economy working group had prepared some suggested changes which the board discussed, leading to a draft that will be presented […]